Welcome to the STEM+C Project at Boise State!

Informal STEM Teaching & Learning Through Infusing Computational Thinking into Science Learning

Project Overview

This STEM+C project was enabled by a grant awarded from the National Science Foundation (NSF) (Award Abstract #1640228). This project builds on and pilots a Community Center After-school Program (CCAP) model for integrating computational thinking (CT) across K-12 STEM disciplines (STEM+C) at three community centers and their three affiliated Kid City Programs (6 locations) in Boise, Idaho.

Motivation for this project is based on the national urgency of integrating CT in K-12 STEM education, a lack of qualified K-12 computing teachers, and the local need for quality STEM+C programs for high needs students. The CCAP model focuses on student learning and teacher professional development (PD) through pre-/in-service teacher-led, project-based, integrated STEM+C inquiry projects offered through community centers’ after school programs.

To learn more about the project's goals, as an interdisciplinary project project, visit our About Section to find out more.

Contact The STEM+C Project at Boise State University:

PI Dr. Dazhi Yang dazhiyang@boisestate.edu

Life on Mars

Students will research different forms of life and the environment of Mars. Then from this research, students would design and build a robot to detect life on Mars. Students will work in groups to plan and test their robot.

Bridge Design

Students will research earthquakes and bridges. Then from this research, students will design a bridge that is earthquake resistant. Students will sketch their plans, build, and test their bridges under simulated conditions.

Reinforced Soil

Students will explore and investigate how sand can be made strong enough to uphold the weight of a building. Then they will build a reinforced soil wall with sand and present on their experience and new found knowledge.

Airplane Flight

Students will explore and investigate how airplanes fly. Then, they will design and build various types of paper airplanes and study the effects of forces on them and present on their experience and new found knowledge.